Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blasto Blog is Now an Underground Operation

Had a few emails askin' me what happened to the Blasto Blog on the website. Here's the deal: we are currently in the process of submitting to the top ten film festivals in the world. Part of their rules/regulations is that the movie MUST NOT have been screened to a public audience prior to the festival. That means it cannot be in any other festivals or have a showing at a theater. The Blasto "premiere" wasn't an actual public screening, it was more of a private showing for friends/families with some extra tickets sold to the general public to fill the empty seats, wink wink, nudge nudge. Since the Blasto Blog is just chock full of comments about the premiere I had to remove it in case any of the festival judges happen to go to the Blasto site for more information. It would be awful for us to have worked so hard on the movie to be disqualified for a small showing in Homestead, PA.

You will also notice that DVD sales are no longer on the site for the very same reason. If you would still like to purchase a Blasto DVD, here's the secret link:

As for the festivals, we are currently entered into Toronto (the 2nd largest festival in the world), Telluride (in Colorado), and Chicago. All three are international festivals and are among the top ten of the world. We will know come August if we've been accepted into any of them. They all take place in September/October. I'll post on here should I hear anything. Wish us luck and pray that Blasto makes it into the hands of the right people.