Saturday, June 23, 2007

New York

The Nintendo Office played up here...

In this room...
On one of these HD flat screen TV's...

But our video wasn't in HD, or any of the other shorts for that matter, so it just looked normal.

The observatory is called Top of the Rock. It costs $20 (yes, we had to pay to see our own movie) and is based around a tour of the construction of Rockefeller along with NBC's long residence there. So in between gazing out at New York and listening to fun facts from Tom Brokaw people would walk past some short films. It's basically filmmaking's equivalent of a guy playing a saxophone in the subway. He may be good and you may like, but you aint stoppin' to listen. Especially when all of Central Park is sprawled out before you.

All in all a good trip. Caught Lovedrug/Sparta show with Eric, Em, and Bradstreet. Lovedrug is RIDICULOUSLY good. I suggest you give the guys a listen.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trib Article

Here's the link to the article about The Nintendo Office which ran yesterday in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's evening edition, Trib P.M. (That title sounds kind of naughty.)

"Making a Game of It"

And here's an interview with Jack Paccione, director of the winning entry "Good vs. Wiivil."'

Joystiq Interview

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Nintendo Office

Top three finalist in the Nintendo Short Cuts Showcase. It'll be showing at the Tribeca Film Fest on a continuous loop starting Tuesday, June 19 through Friday, June 22. I'll be heading up to NYC to check it out this Friday. Look for an article about the film tomorrow (Wednesday, June 20th) in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Thanks to Devin, Jen, Rehder, Budd, and especially Alan for makin' it happen.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Vote for our video, "The Nintendo Office"

If you've got a second, please head over to and vote for The Nintendo Office, out entry into the Nintendo Short Cuts Showcase contest.