Monday, September 26, 2005

Hollywoodland Here We Come

We've officially been accepted into our very first film festival!

It's the FAIF Film Festival in Hollywood, CA at Mann's Chinese Theater (the theater with all the celebrity handprints.) It's kinda crazy that the very first festival we get into is at the most famous theater in the freakin' country. Blasto will be screening on Thursday, October 13th at 1:00 pm. There will be an awards ceremony the following night. I would love to see someone come back with SOME kind of award. What would be hilarious would be if some random Blasto actor wins an award. Hopefully Kleiber will win something and he can stop complaining about how bad his acting is.

It's interesting to read the titles of the other movies playing the fest:
the Gnat and the Lion
bubbles & pick
hello earthlings

anna and the soldier

duck duck goose

us air marshalls

the patron
gone postal
to be an israeli woman
Insomnia ManiaC

and then of course there's Captain Blasto. I don't know about you, but I'm downright captivated by Bubbles & Pick and To Be An Israeli Woman. Bubbles & Pick sounds like some sort of PBS kids shoe about a Sea Lion and Penguin (or maybe a Seahorse and Swordfish) and their wacky underwater adventures. US Air Marshalls makes me imagine Tommy Lee Jones chasing Wesley Snipes with a rocket pack. Gotta wonder what all the other directors think of a title like Captain Blasto.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Back in Blasto Mode

Is anyone still here?

Well if you are, here's the update.

1) I just got married. It's amazing.

2) Due to the wedding, Blasto was kind of a "background project" for a month or so. Didn't have the time or energy to really focus on it. Now that the honeymoon has come and gone, it's time to get back in gear. So what's going on with Blasto now?

Submit, submit, submit. So far we've submitted it to thirteen film festivals and recieved three rejection letters (Telluride, Toronto, Fort Lauderdale.) The only rejection letter that suprised me was Fort Lauderdale. They don't strike me as the type of city to have some vibrant film community that we couldn't quite live up to. Just to give you an idea how much the submit fees can cost; tonight I submitted to 9 festivals and the total cost was $740. That's a pretty big chunk of change to give to people that may or may not accept you.

Beyond the festivals I'm also starting to seek out submitting the film to different agencies. This is something I want to approach with a bit of caution. Need to talk to people and find out what is the "right" way (if there one) to submit material to agencies. I don't wanna just ship in a DVD and hope for the best. It seems to me the best way is to have that DVD given by someone that knows someone if that makes any sense.

In the meantime my head is already consumed with the next screenplay which is a bit more "complicated" than Blasto and requires a lot more thought. Blasto felt natural because it was a simple story borrowing elements from my own life. This next story is not nearly as simple and it's completely seperate from my own life.