Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Short on Artistry, Long on Emotion

It might have been a boring Super Bowl for every city in America, but I know Pittsburgh and Seattle were collectively sitting at the edge of their seats. From Pittsburgh's awful start to the final tackle. Now Pittsburgh gets some sort of respect. Or maybe not. Because according to Seattle and most of the sporting news world, the refs won the game. I guess I was watching a different game. I didn't see the refs miss two field goals like I saw Seattle miss. I didn't see the refs break a Super Bowl record by running a 75 yard touchdown. I didn't see the refs catch two passes out of bounds in the red zone. I must have missed that trick play the refs played out. And all this time I thought it was Hasselbeck that threw that Taylor interception.

Was Big Ben's diving touch down ruled correctly? Yes. Was it clear by the video whether it was a touchdown or not? No, and that's why the ruling was correct. The evidence has to be clear that the ruling is wrong to overturn it.

Was Hasselbeck's tackle a low block? I'm not qualified to comment on that one. Regardless, the ball was ours and the turnover is what wins the game, not the 15 yards we gained from the penalty.

Was the 3:1 ratio of Steeler fans unfair? No. Next time buy more tickets.

All in all it's nice to see Cowher win the big game. It's even nicer to see Pittsburgh alive like this. And as for the game itself, I like Gene Wojciechowski's take on it: "Short on artistry but long on emotion."

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