Monday, March 06, 2006

Back Home

We're back home and WHOOPED. Not sure why either. I know you're essentially just sitting, but watching a lot of movies takes it out of you.

This post is just a quick overhead glance at the festival. I'll post with some more detail into specifics soon.

The general info is this: the Lake County Film Festival was an absolute blast. (It was held in the city of Libertyville which is a cross between Ligonier and Munhall, PA, only bigger than both.) Kudos to Nat and the staff for putting together a fest which will be incredibly tough to top. We had a great screening with approximately 60 people (in a room suited for 70 or so.) Although it wasn't our biggest audience, it was hands down our most responsive. Not only did they laugh at jokes no audience has before, they were incredibly supportive, and complimentary during a great Q&A session. They also bought 40 DVD's. They also had a better projector than the one that cost us $750 at Loews Premiere.

We met about a dozen other filmmakers, equally as supportive. The entire atmosphere was incredibly encouraging, contrary to other fests where filmmakers are way too competitive and malicious towards one another. Here's some links to some of their great projects:

Fatboy: The Movie -
A fun documentary about weight loss struggles directed by a clone image of Scott Stevens. This film will certainly get picked up for distribution. It's the only feature length film we had time to see.

Ride of the Mergansers -
A short documentary about the birthing of a reclusive North American duck. You will never laugh harder when you see they's little baby ducks drop out of the nest into the lake below.

Genie in a Bottle: Unleashed -
A short documentary about the atom bombs and the Doomsday Clock filmed by two 13 year old boys. Styled like a PBS kids doc and fairly incredible for their age.

Spin -
A DJ that can control time with turntables. Pretty freakin' neat. Played before our Blasto screening.

The Mantis Parable -
an incredible CG animated short about a captured caterpillar and praying mantis. Done by many people who will one day work for Pixar or Dreamworks I'm sure.

Smartcard -
A "bleak future" short with a heavy critique on credit/debit cards and government information control.

Lemmings -
A funny animated short about a Lemming that questions his species mass suicidal tendencies. My only critique is that it's animated in a very childish style, but it's not necessarily appropriate for children.

We saw many more shorts, not all of which have a website to link to. I also recieved several DVD's from filmmakers which I haven't been able to watch yet.

That's the skinny. I'll post more soon.

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Dog Ear said...

Glad to see you guys made it back alright. I'm posting the award winners on the withoutabox page right now, and they'll be up on myspace soon.

Hopefully up on the website overnight.

It was REALLY great to see you guys, and I can't believe no one thought to take a big filmmaker picture on Saturday.