Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Getting Things Together

Here's the latest info on the Blasto front:

Newport Beach Film Fest
I've been working on getting all the advertising and promotional stuff together for the fest. This includes getting contact info and screeners out to the Orange County press, designing and printing posters, postcards, ads, etc., and getting the film transfered to Digitbeta, since they don't accept DVD as an exhibition format. This film fest is a fairly big one, the largest one we've been accepted to thus far, so we've really got to donate some time and money towards doing it really well.

Rewrite Treatment
After being swamped with work, fest prep, and other stuff, I'm back working on the treatment for the rewrite of Captain Blasto. It's going fairly well and should be finished within a few weeks. What's different? Well, nothing is set in stone but here's some quick ideas: Colin attempts to actually save people before staging robberies. It doesn't go well, which gives him the idea to start faking them. Colin also doesn't know about Captain Blasto at the beginning of the film, he discovers the comic book in the first 15 minutes. Colin also doesn't meet Daryl for the first time until a few minutes in. Whether or not Abbey will still be in it is still up in the air. If you want her to stay, leave a comment. The crew is made up of Daryl's friends, rather than random men they find. The final heist will take place on Halloween night, the perfect symbolism of people dressing up as something they've always wanted to be. Like I said, nothing is set in stone, and I'm sure many more changes will take place, but these are just some of the bigger ideas I can remember.

Updating Website
I've updated the main site with new pictures. The new pics include photos from the Lake County Film Fest and stills from the film.

You know you've always wanted a Captain Blasto t-shirt and poster. Well they are on their way. Keep an eye out for the Blasto store at http://www.captainblasto.com.

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