Wednesday, July 12, 2006

GenCon Indy 2006

Captain Blasto will be hitting GenCon Indy 2006 in just a short few weeks from August 10th till the 13th. GenCon Indy is a national gaming convention that brings in more people/money than the Final Four. There will be tens of thousands there for the weekend event. DVD's of the original extended cut will be on sale for $5.00. We've yet to hear back as to whether we've been accepted into the GenCon film fest. Should know soon.

Also appearing at GenCon will be the national debut of A Great Disturbance, the Star Wars mockumentary. DVD's of this film will also be up for sale, although I'm not sure on the price just yet.

EDIT: Just got word that we HAVE been accepted into the GenCon Indy Film Fest. Captain Blasto will be screening on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If we win something we'll also screen on Sunday.

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