Monday, August 14, 2006

Luigi Wins Best Short Film

Luigi, everyone's favorite player 2, has finally got his time in the spotlight! The Luigi Story, a short film I made detailing the sibling rivalry between the Super Mario Bros., won Best Short Film Jury Award at the GenCon Indy Film Festival this past weekend. Supposedly there's a crystal trophy and everything, but I haven't seen it yet.

As for Captain Blasto, the less said the better. The short of it is it was incredibly mishandled. 1) no mention of the film in ANY GenCon materials, 2) screener/judging copy was lost so the film didn't show the first day, 3) Saturday morning films (including Blasto) were cancelled and moved to 2:30 AM. Incredibly frustrating. The irony of a short film that took me two weeks winning an award and the feature that took me 5 years being treated like a leper is not lost on me. Moving on.

Congrats to A Great Disturbance (Ben Shull's Star Wars mockumentary film in which I acted, co-edited, and did alot of design work for). It took home the Best Feature Jury Award and boosted some nice DVD sales. The film is finally unleashed upon the world and Ben and co. finally get to reap a little reward from a long year of hard work.

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Anonymous said...

That's cool that it won. It's even cooler that you actualy entered it. Do you think Mario could get his DVD copy of it back?