Monday, August 27, 2007

Problems at

Well, today was the day we were to find out about the Assassin's Creed contest. I checked the site ( this morning and discovered that instead of IFC posting ONLY the top ten finalists, they posted EVERY ENTRY. This includes a lot of videos that violate a lot of rules/guidelines, and many other videos where somebody just took the official trailer to the game and replaced the soundtrack with a popular band (Nickelback oddly enough.) There's even a video where they include footage from a completely different game.

Clearly somebody messed up. This is reinforced by the fact that all of the entries mysteriously disappeared a few short hours later and have yet to return.

I was a little bit disappointed to see that the majority of the entries were videos that have been on IFC's website for months (if not longer) and weren't created for the contest/game. They were just entered for the heck of it. Some of them are videos with budgets even larger then the prize money.

But the biggest disappointment of all is IFC's video player. Not only is it really slow, choppy, and pixelated, but it downgrades the quality of the original video GREATLY. There were a lot of videos shot on very good cameras (including our own) that don't look nearly as good. I even noticed several videos where the audio/video is out of sync. I highly doubt that's how the video was submitted.

Why create website for films if you're going to showcase them in poor quality?

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