Sunday, September 23, 2007

Leah's Engaged!

Yep, she's gettin' hitched and headin' off to America's headquarters for cars and crime, Detroit. In mere months her new name will be Leah Leach. Very comic book sounding. She fits right in with Lois Lane, Lana Lang, and Lex Luthor.

You may recognize her as "girl laughing in the backyard as Colin looks over the fence" in Captain Blasto. Not only is Leah a great friend to both Ashley and I, she's been a constant ear for stories and a script reader all the way from Blasto through Zero Day. She even helped color some storyboards on Blasto.

Congratulations Leah, and remember to keep a picture of him around at all times. You never know when you might wake up with amnesia.

You can read all about the engagement and more on Leah's blog at:

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