Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Help Spread the Word

If you're reading this blog then you must be a fan of the Captain Blasto series. (Or you did a search on the Kurt Russel movie Captain Ron and you somehow ended up here.) If that's the case then we're asking you to help us spread the word (about Blasto, not Ron). And here's a few easy ways to do that.

Subscribe to Captain Blasto on iTunes
Even if you don't have an iPod. By subscribing you're bringing the series to the attention of the good folks at Apple which increases our chances of being featured on the iTunes Podcast page. You can also write/post a review on the Captain Blasto iTunes page which also helps. You can find Blasto on iTunes here.

Share Captain Blasto through YouTube
We've all grabbed the embed code from a YouTube video and posted it to a friends myspace, Facebook, or blog page. Share an episode of Blasto. You can find Blasto on YouTube here.

Join the Blasto Facebook Group
When you join a Facebook group all of your friends see it in their news feed. You can find the Blasto Facebook group here.

Pass out Blasto Postcards
Here at Blasto HQ we've got these fine color postcards promoting the show. Send us an e-mail at info@captainblasto.com and we'll get a small stack out to you. And to thank you for helping us out, we'll send you a free Captain Blasto poster.

And lastly, a genuine thank you to each of you watching the series!

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