Monday, August 18, 2008

GenCon Indy 2008

GenCon Indianapolis proved to be a fantastic trip. We had two great screenings of both Captain Blasto and Mercury Men, each followed with a half hour Q&A session where we passed out mini-posters. To all who attended, thanks for checking out the films!

Also screening this year was A Great Disturbance, a Star Wars mockumentary I was part of. Once again, two great screenings and Q&A sessions. What's great about the GenCon crowd is that they get jokes that many other audiences don't. It was really nice to hear the "Green Lantern" joke from Blasto Episode 5 get laugh.

Beyond the films, we got to see/play some great games. Kleiber picked up Last Night on Earth a zombie survival game. Geis went with Settlers of Catan, which is the world's most famous "underground" board game, and despite the horrible box art, is actually quite fun. I came home with the Savage Worlds core role playing guide. The hot game of the weekend was Monsterpocalypse, miniatures game of giant creaters, robots, and UFO's fighting amongst buildings ala Godzilla. Yes it's true, we don't just play dorks, we actually are.

Okay, back to getting Episode 7 uploaded.

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