Monday, February 14, 2005

The All-Nighter

So we're flying this actor in from LA to reshoot a scene from 2:00 am Saturday Night until 6:00 am Sunday Morning. (Technically they're both Sunday morning I suppose.) The actor, Curt, is supposed to get into Pittsburgh Friday night, which gives us all day Saturday to rehearse. I get a call Friday afternoon. He missed his connection flight. He'll be spending the night in Phoenix and he won't get into Pittsburgh until 10:00 pm on Saturday night. Okay, that makes things a little tense. Doesn't give you much rehearsal time, but we'll deal. So Saturday rolls around and I get a second call. Flight is delayed an hour. So he finally makes it to my apartment around midnight, giving us about an hour of rehearsal before we head over to the bar to shoot. But really, has something ever really worked out how we planned it throughout this entire movie? No, but it always works.

When the crew (me, ashley, kleiber, alan, and curt) finally get to the bar it's karaoke night so we sit and watch a few tipsy middle aged women singing "She Think's My Tractor's Sexy." After they've all been kicked out around 2:30, we get to setup. It's been almost two years since we filmed anything of this size so we're all a little rusty. Trying to figure out the setup as we go, a far cry from the slightly well oiled machine we were two summers before.

Over all it went really well. Doug Melder has officially made it into the cast as "Bar Guy," and George, the bar's owner, fell asleep sitting on a stool in the middle of the room which looks both impossible and uncomfortable. The lighting is better, the script is better, the acting is better, the sound is INFINETELY better, and the camera work is better. So the new scene is going to be a HUGE improvement over the old one.

Leave for Florida today. Be there for most of the week. So we'll probably be looking at a close to final cut of Blasto later the following week.

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