Friday, February 11, 2005

Midnight Cowboy

The title of this post is relevant on so many levels. 1) The actor's dad looks like Jon Voight (the actor in Midnight Cowboy). 2) The Blasto Tribune-Review article was featured with Jon Schlesinger's (director of Midnight Cowboy) death. 3) We're pulling an all-nighter.

Friday Curt Wooton (playing Evan Archer) (whose dad looks like if Jon Voight and Brian Dennehey had a baby) flies in from L.A. getting in around midnight. The following day is spent prepping for an all-night shoot at the Pleasant Bar from midnight until 7:00 am. The shoot consists of 3 actors, 2 extras, 2 cameras running simultaneously, 1 shotgun mic/mixer/minidisc recorder sound setup, all run by myself and Ashley. Hopefully Alan and Kleiber will be joining us. The next day I have work until about 9:00 pm, so I'll be playing games with Middle Schoolers after having been up for some 36 hours.

This scene is going to be a HUGE improvement to the movie. It's just gonna be kinda weird to be getting back with the old equipment, trying to re-learn it all, stepping back into a role you haven't acted in over a year with an actor you haven't seen in almost a year. Should be fun.

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