Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I See Tom Hanks More Than My Wife

Seriously, is there any entertainment medium that this boy has NOT been on in the past two weeks? I like Tom Hanks and all, but I've seen his face more times in one week than I've seen my own face. It is dang near impossible to go a single day without seeing him SOMEWHERE. A billboard on a bus, a talk show, a magazine cover, an article on Yahoo, he's everywhere.

I watch Conan, there he is. Good appearance, funny. Very next day he's on Leno. Okay, new jokes, same Da Vinci Code clip, but he feels kind of worn out, like you had a great time with a friend yesterday and they're trying to recapture it again. Very next day I'm listening to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR and there he is again. Seriously? Radio? Your promoting on the freakin' radio? There he is on Ellen and then Regis and Kelly followed up with Letterman. Heck I'm half expecting him to show up on Maury claiming he's not the baby's daddy.

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Al said...

I personally enjoy my Tom Hanks toiletpaper.