Monday, August 20, 2007

Assassin Pictures

Here's some photos from the production:


Prop swords

The assassin costume made by Ricky Lyle

Part of the cast (L to R): Shawn Smith, Bobby Zinsmeister, Sam Nicotero, Chris Young, Curt Wootton. Not Pictured: Mark Tierno, Devin Reilly.

Film Still: The assassin surrounded.

Film Still: The dead Viscount.


ال-تاا-Ïر said...

I liked the very short, but I saw some flaws, such as: The blade is too large, the lines of the Altair, is not close to the original, but the rest, was very good. You could do more short films with new adventures and put on youtube. I fell in love with the voice of altair, wonderful!

Eliane Mello said...

Ah! My profile in orkut is: