Saturday, March 01, 2008

Blasto Sketches

Here's some sketches (circa 2003) I found on the computer the other day. Each of these were drawings that I digitally inked, colored, and inserted into various comic panels throughout the film.
Blasto breaks out, from the scene where Colin slips out of the ropes in the warehouse. Obviously Captain Blasto is modeled after Superman. It seems like every picture of Superman in the 70's and 80's had him breaking out of chains. What villain was taking the time to wrap chains around him?

This image is from the same scene. It's one of the only times that a picture of Colin is used in comic panels to illustrate that the lines between the two "worlds" are beginning to blur.

Profile shot of Blasto. I believe this image is in the very first burglar scene as the kid chases Daryl.

Burglar from the same scene. Drawings of Daryl as a burglar are modeled from 1960's Doctor Octopus.

This sketch of Blasto never made it in. Looks much too oafish.

Blasto eyes from the chase scene as well. This image was also used on the new DVD artwork seen on a previous post.

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